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YUIKA  Senior nail artist



She has 7 years experience as  a nail technician in Japan and NY.

She has also participated in NY fashion collection. Utilizing the experience gained in Japan, She can handle a wide range of designs from simple to creative.

Also She loves edgy styles inspired from 80s culture.

She love 80s culture and music, she often go to second hand shop and nightclub to discover favorite item and music. 


MEI   Nail artist



She works as a nail technician and model. After participating in the Paris Collection  and Milan Collection as a model, she started modeling career  in London from 2021. The feeling she has cultivated through the shooting scene is also reflected in her nail art. Regardless of the method or location, she always enjoys expressing her personality.


CIARA Nail artist

​Coming soon...


DENIZA receptionist


ANASTASIA receptionist

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